Barking.Fish Website

During my time as an intern, I assisted in building a brand new website for Barking Fish, a popular video …

Lightening Effects

I experimented with some electric type lightning effects around a good friend, Justice Johnson, at his boxing practice.

Web Design:

Currently managing Upstream Productions website; Designed site, run social media accounts, manages SEO, and serves as an active team member.  …

Keith Heisler Holdit

This is the first video I produced as a digital media producer for the WVU LaunchLab. It features Keith Heisler, …

Cody Kerns 2017 March Idea Madness

A video produced for the 2017 inaugural WVU LaunchLab March Idea Madness competition. The video features Cody Kerns, a Multidisciplinary …

It’s Our Time

Promotional College Voting video aimed to help increase college student voting for the 2016 Presidental Election. The video features visual …

Historic Remix Project

Using Adobe After Effects I animated a few historically significant paintings to tell a story.

Redneck Explainer Video

What is a Redneck, and what does it mean to Appalachia? This social explainer video discusses the stereotypes of a redneck, its history in Appalachia, and a bit of humor.