Lightening Effects

I experimented with some electric type lightning effects around a good friend, Justice Johnson, at his boxing practice.

Keith Heisler Holdit

This is the first video I produced as a digital media producer for the WVU LaunchLab. It features Keith Heisler, …

Cody Kerns 2017 March Idea Madness

A video produced for the 2017 inaugural WVU LaunchLab March Idea Madness competition. The video features Cody Kerns, a Multidisciplinary …

It’s Our Time

Promotional College Voting video aimed to help increase college student voting for the 2016 Presidental Election. The video features visual …

Custom Drawing Program

Using the open-source programming software,  Processing, I coded a custom paint-like program. The program had standard features like RGB/CMYK buttons, sliders (+/-), brush size, an eraser, coloring pictures, and more.  I wrote the code for how the application runs, and how each button performs. This video is a creative showcase of the program. Please Enjoy!